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The Phenomenon of “Avenida Brasil”

March 4, 2013 by coolreligion · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

Avenida Brasil was a 2012 telenovela that had almost 7 months of duration (starting on March 26th and ending on October 19th). The story was about a big revenge involving a little girl and her step-mother, around this main story we got to know the rich people and its real troubles and the population of a comic (and also realistic) poor neighborhood. This telenovela got really famous all over Brazil, every episode was tense, dark, comic, romantic, real. The Brazilians were catch by a joyfull soundtrack (from Michel Teló to Coldplay), an amazing script and lots of misteries.

With a high-level production cost, Avenida Brasil jumped into cinema techniques to make its “chapters” more exciting than any telenovela. It became a viral-subject on the social networks and lots of scenes became “memes”: for example, every episode ending was surrounded by a “freezing effect”, this effect was copied in hundreds of different (and funny) ways on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.


Lady Gaga

Avenida Brasil was also know by its dark and hard script, on a moment of the story. Carminha (the villain) found out that her housemade was Nina (her step-daughter that she left on landfill), and to complete her revenge she buries Nina alive. This scene had one of the major audiences of the whole telenovela, and also was a World Trending Topic on Twitter. You can watch the whole scene below in the comments.

Finally, we can see that this particular telenovela mobilized an entire country. People re-schedule their commitments to watch Avenida Brasil. Brazil stopped to watch its final episode. Telenovelas has a strong power within Brazilians everyday. Telenovelas is a place where people can run away from their realities and get involved for romantic, dramatic, scary, funny, and above all this, realistic stories.

23 de Maio Avenue, in São Paulo, almost empty during the Final Episode of Avenida Brasil

Victor Capato Ianes Nogueira

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